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Our contributions

Contentment which brings true happiness and peace, is derived only through giving. SDN takes pleasure in giving to all those earnest art lovers by sharing some of its valued creations on its YouTube channel, "Sheela Unni's Sridevi Nrithyalaya". 

1.TAPASYA- the monthly series, showcases the classroom sessions at SDN and gives insights into various aspects of teaching, learning and performing. This series was started in May, 2017 and has gained international popularity among Dance Teachers and aspiring students of all ages.

2. PRAARAMBHAM - series has videos of the basics – Adavus as well as Practical theory such as Hasthas and its Viniyogas. 

3. MUSICAL MARGAZHI - This is a series of videos uploaded in the month of Margazhi to celebrate Dance & Music. Some of the videos uploaded in the last few Margazhi months include the 30 songs of Tiruppavai & Tiruvempavai (Paavai series); Compositions of Saint Annamayya; Aanandha series which are a set of compositions of various composers on Lord Nataraja beginning with the word ‘Aanandha’.

4. FULL VIDEOS– SDN’s YouTube channel has some full length videos either from live performances or shot separately. 


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