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Q : Does SDN conduct online classes?

A : No, we do not conduct online classes at all.


Q : What is the process for admission into SDN?

A : 

  • Admissions in SDN happen twice a year - February & June (mostly on the first Sunday). Those who wish to join the institution can contact us (over phone) in January or May to get required details.

  • Weekly two classes only and the batch will be allocated by us depending on the age of the student. Monday & Thursday - 4 batches

       Tuesday & Friday - 4 batches

       Thursday & Sunday - 1 batch (T. Nagar)

       Saturday & Sunday - college & work goers only

  • These are the only available combination of days for the batches. No changes will be made in this pattern.  

  • Minimum age for admission - 5 years


Q: If one has already learnt Bharathanatyam for some years, can they join SDN and perform their Arangetram?

A: For all those who join SDN, we start from the basics only. It might take 4 or 5 years to complete the basics. Only then we begin teaching the items. After some years of intensive learning of items, the teacher decides if the student is ready to perform the Arangetram, purely depending on the student’s proficiency.

Q: Does SDN have branches anywhere else in India or countries abroad?

A: No. SDN runs only in Virugambakkam (AVM Colony) & T. Nagar (Vani Mahal premises). We don’t have branches anywhere else in India or abroad.

Q: What is the duration of the course in SDN?

A: We do not have any courses in SDN. Learning is a lifelong process here. We do not believe in an academic approach to Arts. No exams, no courses.

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