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Musical Margazhi

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Reviving and revisiting the classical treasures of our culture- Tiruppavai & Thiruvempavai.

"Natyobics"- for fitness freaks and stamina seekers!

Presenting Kālinga Nartana Thillāna,   extolling the splendour of Lord Krishna's Kālinga Nartanam. 

Compositions of Saint Annamayya - A devotional contribution of Sridevi Nrithyalaya.

Sridevi Nrithyalaya meanders into Margazhi with Aanandam! Let’s celebrate this Margazhi with 4 well known Kirtis on Shiva, the epitome of untainted Aanandam... 

This is a dance musical set in praise of the Fire abode of Lord Shiva. Lyrics penned by Sri Padmadevan and music composed by Dr. Kuldeep M Pai.

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