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Vande Mataram - An ode to Mother India 

Vande Mataram is a novel, milestone endeavor for Sridevi Nrithyalaya which uses Natyam as a medium in attempting to strike a chord in the minds of 'Rasikas' and inculcate Patriotism in the young Indian minds.

Mother India has been gesticulating to us through the sway of Her flag. Focusing on the symbolic significance of our Tri-colour flag, Sridevi Nrithyalaya has weaved this production, attempting to echo the messages of  Strength, Peace, Prosperity and Truth, urging us all to be morally responsible, socially receptive, culturally efficient and thereby seek peace.

Music for the production has been composed by the veteran violinist, Embar Sri Kannan. Since the theme of our presentation does not constrain to a specific region or community, no language is used for lyrics. Therefore in SDN's Vande Mataram, music is the language and musical instruments are the words.

Sridevi Nrithyalaya's Vande Mataram is a sincere artistic effort to propagate 'Desa Bhakthi' in today's modern living.


Concept & Choreography by Dr. Sheela Unnikrishnan and music composed by Embar Sri Kannan. "Vande Mataram - An Ode to Mother India" will be presented by 45 artistes from Sridevi Nrithayalaya.

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