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Sri Krishna Vaibhavam

The Man of Myriad Manifestations, Sri Krishna, is the manifestation of the four Vedas; the essence of Vedanta and the ordainer of the Upanishads. He is Parandhama who removes our ignorance and bestows us with wisdom and Brahmananda.

He is the naughty child who plays endless tricks with Gopis. He is the Ultimate Teacher (Sathguru) who bestows True Gnyana on Gopis who surrender completely to Him. He is the Ultimate Lover who is lost in love and pines for Radha. He is the Ultimate Servant who serves his childhood friend Kuchela, even before hearing his plea. He is the Ultimate protector who moves coins in the game of Mahabharatha, manipulates nature by altering the Ammavasai day in order to protect the Pandavas. He is the Ultimate Friend, who saves Arjuna's life from Karna's unconquerable Nagastra.


Sri Krishna Vaibhavam celebrates Krishna in all these manifold manifestations. Lyrics have been penned in Tamil by Sri Padmadevan and Music has been composed by Dr. Kuldeep M Pai.

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