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Kuralin Kural

This is a thematic presentation in the Margam format weaving together couplets from Thiruvalluvar’s Thirukkural. Commencing with a Pushpanjali and following verses extolling the greatness of the treatise, the presentation moves on to a Swarajathi which sings the greatness of rain with selected verses from Kural. The Varnam is based on the Nava Rasas and its apt verses from Thirukkural. The Padam is an exploration of  Sringara rasa. A colourful Pinnal Kolattam explores the various patterns in colour and movement, becoming a feast to the eyes and a message for the minds through the background score of couplets from the treatise. A vibrant Thillana with concluding verses glorifying the poet Thiruvalluvar concludes the production. Music has been composed by Sri Srikanth  Gopalakrishnan.

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Kuralin Kural in NDTV
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