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The dance drama commences with Sekhizhaar's composition from Periya Puranam in praise of Lord Shiva, the Omnipotent. Signifying the Big Bang theory, Lord Shiva appears from light and manifests himself with six faces, the first five to create, protect, destroy, hide and grace and the sixth one to dissolve the universe and absorb all into Him. He is praised as the embodiment of PARAM (Omnipotent) Thathvam. Following this, Parvathi and Siva appear as bride and groom in Mount Kailasa where the divine wedding preparations go on. Owing to the crowd gathered in the North, the land slides downward, causing the land in the South to tilt up. As this creates panic, Siva commands Sage Agasthiya to go South to bring balance on earth.

In order to fulfill the task, Sage Agasthiya sets off to travel from the North and faces various adventures and explores the five elements starting from Earth. Each episode in the drama manifests the five elements with different stories.

Earth is characterized as a woman who emerges from Siva and marries Vishnu. The thathva of Sankaranarayana is therefore established. Various manifestations of water is exhibited through stories of Ganga's descent and the birth of Kaveri. The element of fire is established with the episode of Tripurasura Samharam, where the lord emulates the asuras to ashes with his mere smile. A vibrant musical and dance sequence follows, with the story of Thiruchengodu throwing light to the next, formless element, air.

Siva as Akasha appears omnipotent yet formless. He takes the form of Natraja and blesses Agasthiya with his divine darshan. The ballet concludes with a grand finale explaining the importance of five elements and the relationship they hold to reach the Ultimate. Lyrics have been penned by Prof. Dr. S. Raghuraman and Music has been composed by Dr. Ghatam Karthick.

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